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Greetings, readers; I'm Wiqar Ahmed, a journalist with a passion for revealing stories and a career that spans two decades, which has taken me from Karachi to Quetta. Today, I'm delighted to announce my role as critic on my very own news website, a platform where I'll share my experiences and insights into the ever-evolving world of journalism.My journey began from Karachi, where I embarked on my career as a journalist at the Karachi Bureau of the prestigious Frontier Post newspaper. It was here that I was first introduced to the thrilling world of reporting and news gathering. The energy and the need to uncover the truth kept me going, pushing me further into the realm of journalism.
My next step led me to the renowned Pakistan Press International (PPI) news agency in Karachi where, I served as a sub-editor, where I developed a deep appreciation for the art of crafting compelling news stories. The newsroom became my playground, and I continued to sharpen my skills while discovering my knack for presenting news in a way that engages and informs.
A pivotal chapter in my career was joining the dedicated team at Geo News, one of Pakistan's leading news channels. During my tenure there, I had the privilege of covering a wide range of stories, both local and international. This was the time when my passion for journalism truly flourished, and my understanding of the power of media to shape perspectives deepened.
My journalistic journey then took me to Pakistan Television (PTV), where I contributed as a reporter. This experience expanded my horizons, allowing me to explore and report on a variety of stories, giving me a broad perspective on the role of media in our society.
In 2017, a new opportunity emerged when I became the News Editor at the Daily Mirror Quetta and Balochistan Express. My role was instrumental in shaping the narrative surrounding Balochistan, and it's a period I'm particularly proud of. This experience allowed me to delve into the intricate web of regional issues and convey them to a wider audience.
And now, in 2023, I'm thrilled to launch my very own news website, where I aim to utilize the wealth of experience and knowledge I've amassed over the years. My focus will remain on providing you, our readers, with unique stories, in-depth analysis, and a deeper understanding of the complex issues affecting Balochistan, Pakistan, the region, and the world at large.
I look forward to this new chapter and am honored to have the opportunity to share my insights with you. This journey wouldn't be possible without your support, and I'm excited to embark on this adventure with you. Stay tuned for thought-provoking stories and compelling insights, as together, we navigate the dynamic world of journalism.
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