Arbab Zahir Kasi, Prominent Balochistan Tribal Leader Passes Away

Arbab Zahir Kasi


Quetta, June 20, 2024 – Balochistan mourns the loss of one of its most distinguished tribal leaders, Arbab Zahir Kasi, who passed away today in Quetta after a prolonged battle with cancer. The father of former Senator Arbab Farooq Kasi, Arbab Zahir Kasi had been fighting the disease for the past six years.

Arbab Zahir Kasi, born on August 14, 1947, was a towering figure in Balochistan’s political and tribal landscape. His death marks not just a personal loss for his family and the Kasi tribe, but also a significant void in the region’s political and tribal setup that will be hard to fill.

Known for his principled politics and reasoned stance, Arbab Zahir was respected across all tribes in Balochistan. Despite his influential tribal status, he was widely regarded as a man of integrity and service, qualities he inherited from his father, Arbab Abdul Qadir, who was an active figure against British imperialism alongside Khan Bacha Khan before Pakistan’s independence.

Arbab Zahir’s residence, the iconic Kasi Fort, symbolized his open-door policy, welcoming people from every tribe and language group in Balochistan. His contributions to social justice, equality, the resolution of tribal disputes, and humanitarian efforts have left an indelible mark on the province.

Arbab Zahir’s political journey began with the National Democratic Front, inspired by Khan Abdul Wali Khan. He actively participated in the movement for the restoration of democracy and, along with his father, faced imprisonment for their cause.

In 2013, Arbab Zahir was abducted and transferred to Waziristan. His safe recovery, thanks to the concerted efforts of Baloch and Pashtun tribes, political leaders, and parliamentarians, underscored his beloved and respected status across the region.

Arbab Zahir Kasi’s legacy of principled politics and his dedication to humanity will continue to inspire and guide future generations in Balochistan. His passing is a profound loss, and he will be remembered as a beacon of integrity and service in Balochistan’s history.

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