Aramco’s $100 Million Entry: Transforming Pakistan’s Energy Landscape


Aramco’s Strategic Foray into Pakistan’s Retail Energy Market

Aramco’s strategic entry into Pakistan’s retail energy market marks a significant milestone, reflecting not only a financial investment but also a commitment to fostering growth, enhancing market opportunities, and expanding its global influence.

As this partnership unfolds, it will be crucial for all stakeholders to navigate the path forward with vigilance, ensuring that the collaboration contributes positively to Pakistan’s energy landscape and aligns with the nation’s economic objectives.

$100 Million Investment: Aramco Acquires 40% Stake in Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd (GO)

In a groundbreaking move, Saudi Arabia’s oil behemoth, Aramco, has officially made its foray into Pakistan’s retail energy market through a significant investment, estimated at around $100 million. This strategic step involves the acquisition of a substantial 40 percent stake in Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd (GO), a private enterprise with nearly a decade of establishment.

GO’s Diverse Operations: Fuels, Lubricants, and Convenience Stores

The proclamation, disclosed by GO in a statement on Tuesday, revealed that Aramco, a global powerhouse in integrated energy and chemicals, has inked definitive agreements to secure a 40 percent equity stake in GO. While the financial details of the transaction were not explicitly disclosed, insiders familiar with the deal suggest a sealed agreement valued at approximately $100 million.

Landmark Acquisition: Aramco’s Maiden Entry into Pakistan’s Fuels Retail Market

GO, recognized for its diversified operations in downstream fuels, lubricants, and convenience stores, boasts an extensive network of retail outlets and storage facilities. The statement underlines that the completion of the transaction is contingent upon meeting customary conditions, including regulatory approvals.

This landmark acquisition marks Aramco’s maiden entry into Pakistan’s fuels retail market, a strategic move aligning with its broader vision to fortify its downstream value chain on a global scale.

Aramco’s Previous Pursuit: From Shell Pakistan to GO

Aramco had previously expressed interest in acquiring Shell Pakistan’s retail business, a pursuit that eventually led to the acquisition by Wafi Energy, another Saudi firm. The current transaction positions Aramco to secure additional outlets for its refined products, presenting new market opportunities for Valvoline-branded lubricants following Aramco’s acquisition of Valvoline INC’s global product business in February this year.

Political Dimensions: Khalid Riaz and GO’s Role in Pakistan’s Energy Sector

This investment is more than a financial commitment; it symbolizes the commencement of Saudi Arabia’s investment journey in Pakistan, hinting at potential larger-scale investments within the sector by this global giant.

GO, the brainchild of Khalid Riaz, a seasoned figure in the oil industry with nearly four decades of experience, has emerged as a key player with an extensive fleet of oil tankers. Notably, Riaz is closely associated with the PMLN, adding a political dimension to the business landscape.

Standard Chartered’s Advisory Role: Ensuring a Seamless and Strategic Deal

Aramco’s advisory role in this landmark transaction was undertaken by Standard Chartered Bank, a testament to the corporation’s commitment to ensuring a seamless and strategic deal.

Mohammed Y. Al Qahtani, Aramco Downstream President, emphasized the significance of this move, stating, “Our second announcement of a planned retail acquisition this year aligns with Aramco’s downstream expansion strategy, with a clear path ahead for growing an integrated refining, marketing, lubricants, trading and chemicals portfolio worldwide.

Aramco Downstream President’s Perspective: Launching the Aramco Brand in Pakistan

GO has a material storage footprint, high-quality assets, and growth potential, and the acquisition is expected to help launch the Aramco brand in Pakistan.” While this venture holds immense promise and potential for both Aramco and Pakistan, it also raises questions and considerations.

Transparency and Regulatory Considerations: Navigating Uncertainties

The undisclosed financial details and the regulatory approval process leave certain aspects shrouded in uncertainty, necessitating a keen focus on transparency and adherence to regulatory standards. The move also sparks anticipation of larger Saudi investments in the Pakistani energy sector, which could significantly impact the country’s economic landscape.


Aramco’s entry into Pakistan’s retail energy market, marked by a $100 million investment and the acquisition of a 40% stake in Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd (GO), signifies a strategic move aligning with its global downstream expansion strategy. GO, renowned for its diverse operations in downstream fuels, lubricants, and convenience stores, offers Aramco new market opportunities.

The acquisition follows Aramco’s prior pursuit of Shell Pakistan’s retail business and positions it for a significant presence in the Pakistani energy sector. The involvement of Khalid Riaz, closely associated with the PMLN, adds a political dimension.

Standard Chartered Bank’s advisory role underscores the strategic nature of the deal, emphasizing Aramco’s commitment to a seamless acquisition. As Aramco aims to launch its brand in Pakistan, the undisclosed financial details and regulatory approval process prompt a call for transparency. The venture holds promise for both Aramco and Pakistan but raises considerations about potential impacts on the country’s economic landscape.


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