Balochistan Peace and Stability Seminar in Quetta

Peace and Stability

Journey Towards Peace and Stability: Seminar in Quetta Marks Milestone Event

A landmark seminar titled “Journey Towards Peace and Stability” was held in Quetta, bringing together a diverse array of influential figures, including the Governor of Balochistan, provincial ministers, former militant commanders, and key stakeholders from various sectors of society.

The seminar, organized by the Voice of Balochistan, aimed to foster dialogue and integration between former militants and political stakeholders, emphasizing the crucial role of peace in achieving stability and development.

Governer Balochistan
By Staff

Governor of Balochistan, Sheikh Jaffar Mandokhail, in his address, commended the former militants for their decision to join the national mainstream. “This progress is a positive sign for all of us,” he remarked. Highlighting the political nature of Balochistan’s issues, he advocated for solutions through dialogue, understanding, and the robust Jirga system inherent in the tribal setup.

Governor Mandokhail also underscored the pressing issues of poverty and inflation in Balochistan, stressing the importance of keeping negotiation channels open. He lauded the former militant commanders for laying down their arms and contributing to peace.

Former commander Gulzar Imam Shambe shared his transformative journey, emphasizing the power of dialogue. “I initially sought to promote education in my area but was driven to join Brahamdagh Bugti’s banned organization due to frustration with corruption and injustices,” he revealed. Witnessing Brahamdagh’s opulent lifestyle, however, prompted him to leave the organization and embrace the national mainstream.

Sarfaraz Bangulzai, another former commander, exposed the fallacy of the so-called freedom war. “The war under the guise of freedom is a sham, designed to mislead the youth. Organizations claiming to fight for Baloch separatism are themselves corrupt and divided,” he asserted.

Rahila DurraniThe seminar featured a dynamic panel discussion on peace and development, with participation from provincial ministers, members of the Balochistan Assembly, government spokespersons, senators, senior journalists, prominent lawyers, education experts, and civil society representatives.

They shared insights on creating a roadmap for a peaceful future, platforms for promoting dialogue, and the role of youth in ensuring sustainable peace.

This seminal event marks a significant step forward in the collective effort to achieve lasting peace and stability in Balochistan, setting a hopeful precedent for the region’s future.

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