Balochistan’s roadmap to progress . .

               The speech by PM Shehbaz Sharif serves as a supporting call for Balochistan’s progress, development and prosperity. The Balochistan’s magnanimous and bountiful resources, combined with foreign investment, hold the promise of transforming the lives of its people. The government’s unwavering commitment to uplifting the region and nurturing international partnerships is commendable. By harnessing Balochistan’s potential and fostering collaborative relationships with foreign investors, the province is poised to emerge as a shining example of progress and prosperity in the nation.

               In a significant address premier Shehbaz Sharif underlined the huge mineral and natural wealth residing in the heart of Balochistan, rightfully declaring that these precious resources belong to the people of the province. The premier passionately highlighted the need to bang into these resources through exploration and development while ensuring that the fruits of progress are equitably shared with the local population. Indeed, the well-being of the residents of Balochistan must take precedence, with access to basic amenities such as healthcare and education being a priority.

               Emphasizing the role of foreign investors in the development of the region, Prime Minister Sharif called upon the people of Balochistan to embrace and support these endeavors. He urged them to foster amicable relations with these investors, recognizing the significant contributions they bring to uplift the province. In his address, the premier aptly noted that a cordial and harmonious enterprise and cooperation with foreign stakeholders is vital to strengthen the province’s economy and foster international collaborations.

               Specifically, Prime Minister reiterated his government’s commitment to transforming the Gwadar deep sea port into one of the world’s finest. The ongoing development projects across Balochistan, orchestrated by the coalition government, bear testament to their dedication to elevating the living standards of its citizens, especially those in Gwadar.

               Certainly, foreign investment holds the key to unlocking Balochistan’s untapped potential. Shehbaz Sharif acknowledged the invaluable contributions of Chinese investments in various development projects. Unfortunately, the progress of these initiatives was hindered during the tenure of the previous administration, causing strains in international relations. However, through relentless efforts, the current government has managed to rekindle friendships with our allies and restore confidence in foreign partnerships.

               With regard to the Gwadar deep sea port, the Prime Minister revealed that dredging efforts are in progress to make it fully functional by early next year. Once completed Gwadar’s status as one of the world’s deepest ports will attract larger vessels and further boost economic activity in the region. It is regrettable that previous governments had shown a lack of foresight and commitment to Balochistan’s prosperity. Nevertheless, the current administration has taken significant strides in rectifying this oversight and has laid the foundation for a brighter future. The premier recounted projects initiated during his predecessor’s tenure that had languished, expressing disappointment at their abandonment. However, the government’s dedication to reviving these essential ventures speaks volumes about their vision and resolve.

               As the Prime Minister inaugurated several development projects during his visit, it was evident that the government is committed to translating plans into action. Projects that had remained dormant for years are now being brought to life, reflecting a renewed commitment to the progress of Balochistan. The dredging process for the Gwadar port, previously neglected, has now been initiated, a move that promises to stimulate trade and commerce in the region. The progress witnessed during the incumbent government’s tenure is undeniable, with an impressive sixfold increase in goods arriving at Gwadar port compared to the previous five years.

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