Federal Ombudsman Balochistan Prioritizes Resolution of Public Complaints


Addressing Public Complaints Regarding SSGC

Quetta, June 5, 2024: Addressing public complaints has been reaffirmed as the top priority of the Federal Ombudsman. Ghulam Sarwar Brohi, the Regional Head of the Federal Ombudsman Balochistan, recently took action on public grievances concerning the supply of Sui gas by conducting an inspection visit to the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) office in Quetta.

During his visit, Brohi inspected various departments, including the billing section, meter test laboratory, and recovery section, to assess their performance. The SSGC officials briefed him on the transparency measures in place for recovering outstanding bills. They reported that 3,348 meters were removed in May, with laboratory tests revealing tampering evidence in 1,090 meters, resulting in fines being imposed.

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Brohi instructed the General Manager of SSGC to expedite efforts to resolve public issues, emphasizing the need to work on a war footing. He gathered information from the staff on interruptions in gas supply, excessive billing, recoveries, and other professional activities affecting the public.

The Federal Ombudsman’s visit underscores the commitment to addressing and resolving public complaints efficiently and transparently, ensuring that citizens receive reliable and fair services.

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