Kyrgyzstan Violence, Situation and Its Impact on Students

Kyrgyzstan Violence

Due to Kyrgyzstan Violence, 171 Students Return to Quetta from Kyrgyzstan: Warm Welcome by Balochistan Officials

Quetta, May 24, 2024 — Late Thursday night, 171 students stranded in Kyrgyzstan arrived safely in Quetta, thanks to Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Sarfraz Bugti, provincial ministers, assembly members, and the government spokesperson were present at Quetta Airport to welcome the returning students.

Chief Minister Bugti personally greeted each student as they disembarked. The students’ return was facilitated by the Balochistan government, which had appointed Provincial Minister Bakht Kakar and MPA Mir Zareen Magsi as focal persons on May 20 to coordinate communication and assistance efforts.

Among the returning students, 95 hail from Balochistan, while the remaining 76 are from Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Karachi. The Balochistan government has arranged for these students to be transported to their respective homes.

The initiative to bring back the students came after concerns from parents and students themselves, leading Chief Minister Bugti to announce that the provincial government would cover all return expenses. At the airport, relieved parents expressed their gratitude to the Chief Minister and his team for ensuring the safe and swift return of their children.

Inside Kyrgyzstan violence

In Bishkek, mobs targeted hostels housing international students, accusing officials of being too lenient towards foreign students involved in a recent fight. The Pakistani Embassy has advised students to stay indoors and reach out if they need help.

Kyrgyzstan Violence
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Foreign students from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh faced threats from locals amid ongoing violence in Bishkek. On May 18, Pakistan advised its students to stay indoors after reports of mob violence targeting South Asian students. The Pakistani embassy there reported that the situation has calmed down.


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What Led to the Kyrgyzstan Violence?

Tensions escalated after videos of a fight between Kyrgyz and foreign students, mainly Pakistanis and Egyptians, went viral on May 13. Locals viewed this brawl as a breach of hospitality. By May 17, Kyrgyz locals protested, accusing officials of treating the foreign students too leniently. The police had detained three students involved in the incident.

Mobs began targeting hostels housing international students from Pakistan, IIndia and Bangladesh. In response, the Indian Embassy advised students to stay indoors and keep in touch with the embassy. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar emphasized the importance of regular communication with the embassy.

Kyrgyzstan’s Statement

On May 18, the Kyrgyz foreign ministry stated that law enforcement had taken prompt measures to detain both locals and foreigners involved in the incident. The situation was said to be under control with public order ensured.

The ministry reported no serious injuries among the participants, although about 15 people sought medical check-ups. The ministry urged the media and foreign diplomatic missions to avoid spreading unverified information.

The Kyrgyz health ministry reported that four Pakistanis received first aid and were discharged, while one remains under treatment for injuries.

Police Deployment

Kyrgyzstan Violence
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Due to the violence, police in riot gear were deployed in parts of Bishkek on May 17. The police mobilized forces to quell the violence that followed the May 13 fight between foreigners and locals.

Pakistan’s Response

Pakistani Ambassador Hasan Zaigham advised all Pakistani students in Bishkek to stay indoors until the situation normalizes. The embassy is coordinating with local law enforcement to ensure the safety of the students. Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif directed Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar and Federal Minister Amir Muqam to visit Bishkek to support Pakistani students. They will travel on a special plane to provide assistance.

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Pakistan’s Foreign Affairs Ministry issued a demarche to Kyrgyzstan under Deputy Prime Minister Ishaq Dar’s instructions.

Balochistan Government Steps to Evacuate Students

The provincial government of Balochistan has requested an emergency aircraft from the Ministry of Defense to evacuate students stranded in Kyrgyzstan. This decision was made due to the unavailability of immediate seats on commercial flights.

The costs of the air travel will be covered by the Balochistan government. According to the Chief Minister’s Secretariat, verified information about 95 students has been received so far. On the instructions of Chief Minister Mir Sarfraz Bugti, efforts are being made to ensure the safe return of the students.

Meanwhile, in a video message from Kyrgyzstan, the students from Balochistan expressed their gratitude to the Chief Minister of Balochistan for making arrangements for their return home. They mentioned that the Chief Minister’s Secretariat of Balochistan is in constant contact with them.

The students stated that they were stranded in Kyrgyzstan due to the violent behavior they encountered there. Provincial government officials are in continuous communication with the students on the Chief Minister’s instructions.

Update on Pakistani Students

Ambassador Zaigham confirmed that no Pakistani students had died due to the violence. A special flight carrying 180 Pakistani students arrived in Lahore on May 18.

This article summarizes the recent violence  and the efforts to ensure the safety of international students, particularly from  Pakistan. The situation remains under control, with continuous monitoring and support from both countries’ governments.

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