Balochistan Shivers

Temperatures Plunge Below Freezing, Quetta Hits -3°C

Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan: Bone-chilling winds sweeping in from the west have plunged temperatures in Balochistan, including the provincial capital Quetta, far below freezing, sending residents scrambling for warmth. This intense cold snap, gripping the region for several days, poses a significant challenge for vulnerable populations.

Quetta shivered through a -3°C night, while other parts of the province experienced similarly icy temperatures. Daytime offers little respite, with highs barely reaching 10°C. These conditions, expected to persist, raise concerns about the well-being of the elderly, children, and those living in poorly insulated homes.

PTV News correspondent Aziz Mari reports from Quetta, urging people to take precautions against the harsh cold. He advises wearing warm clothing, layering up, and avoiding prolonged exposure to the frigid air.

The cold wave also disrupts daily life, impacting agriculture and outdoor activities. Livestock face increased risk of cold stress, while farmers worry about potential damage to crops.

Amidst the biting cold, authorities are urged to step up relief efforts, providing proper shelter, warm blankets, and essential supplies to those most affected. This critical moment demands decisive action to ensure the safety and well-being of Balochistan’s residents during this prolonged period of freezing temperatures.

Courtesy PTV News

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