Information Minister Ghulam Mutraza Sulangi Inagurated, PTV BOLAN Broadcasting in Hazaragi Language

PTV Bolan is now broadcasting in the Hazaragi language, fulfilling a long-standing demand of the Hazara community. Information Minister Ghulam Murtaza Solangi inaugurated the ceremony, stating that PTV Bolan broadcasts are now available through both cable and satellite, reaching a broader audience.

Today, Hazaragi language broadcasts are being launched on PTV Bolan, which was a long-standing demand of the Hazara community. Caretaker Minister for Information Ghulam Murtaza Solangi said in his inaugural address that PTV Bolan’s broadcasts are already available on cable and satellite. Now, PTV Bolan’s broadcasts can also be seen through a regular antenna.

The minister thanked Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar for encouraging this initiative. Solangi said that people from remote areas will benefit from PTV Bolan’s terrestrial broadcasts. People from remote areas will also be able to watch PTV Bolan’s broadcasts through solar and antenna.

Solangi said that the number of transmitters of broadcast centers has increased. Previously, 22 broadcast centers were operating. With the addition of the “Khan Mekhter Broadcast Center”, their number has now increased to 23.

“Our goal is to ensure equal representation of regional languages on PTV Bolan,” said Solangi.

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