Jan Achakzai stance on Historic Decision of SC on Military Trial

The Supreme Court deferred the historic decision on the Military Trial, emphasizing the primacy of national security and interests over political considerations. Balochistan Information Minister Jan Achakzai, addressing a press conference in Quetta, stated that the social media campaign against the Chief Justice and the bench aimed to influence the decision. However, the verdict proved that decisions are based solely on the merit of the case, defeating baseless propaganda in court today.

Drawing parallels to the 9/11 attacks, Information Minister Jan Achakzai likened the DI Khan incident to the actions of Al-Qaeda, pledging accountability for every drop of blood shed in the attack. He emphasized that every drop of blood will be counted, and terrorists, along with their facilitators, will face consequences. Addressing the Afghan authorities, Jan Achakzai urged the Afghan Taliban to clarify their position, expressing concern over Afghanistan’s role in countering terrorism. He highlighted that Pakistan has hosted over 500,000 Afghan refugees for more than four decades, with the country’s economy, resources, and development shouldering the burden.

Jan Achakzai held the Afghan government responsible for terrorist activities, urging the Afghan Taliban to declare their stance. He emphasized that Pakistan has accommodated over 500,000 Afghan refugees for more than four decades, managing the strain on the country’s economy and resources. Jan Achakzai called on the international community to recognize Pakistan’s sacrifices and contribution to regional stability.

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