PTI Worker Khadija Shah Remanded for 3 Days in Anti-Terrorism Court

PTI worker Khadija Shah has been handed over to the police for a 3-day remand by the Anti-Terrorism Court in Quetta. The PTI worker was presented in the Anti-Terrorism Court Quetta today. Quetta police arrested Khadija Shah from Lahore. The court of ATC Judge Saadat Bazei received a 14-day remand request from the police. The investigating officer told the court during the inquiry that Khadija Shah is accused of incitement through WhatsApp and social media. The accused’s mobile phone needs to be forensically examined. Khadija Shah’s lawyer, Iqbal Shah, objected to the police’s demand for a 14-day remand, questioning why the forensic examination of the mobile phone was not conducted for six months. After hearing the arguments, the court ordered Khadija Shah to be handed over to the police on a 3-day remand. Khadija Shah was taken into custody after the events of May 9th.

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