PTI Candidates for National and Provincial Assembly Elections in Balochistan


PTI Announces Tickets

PTI has also announced tickets for Balochistan’s National and Provincial Assembly elections.

Who is running from which constituency?

 PTI has also announced names for Balochistan’s National and Provincial Assembly constituencies. Former Deputy Speaker Balochistan Assembly Sardar Babar Musa Khel has been given a ticket from two seats of the National Assembly by the party.

Babar Musa Khel will contest the election from NA 252 Musa Khel, Barkhan, Loralai, Dera Bugti, and NA 258 Panjgur Kam Kech. In the 2018 election, Babar Musa Khel became a member of the Provincial Assembly from his ancestral area PB 4.

From the National Assembly constituencies

             NA 251                      Nawabzada Amin: Jogizee from Sherani, Zhob, Qila Saifullah

             NA 253                      Saddam Tareen:                 Ziarat, Harnai, Sibi, Kohlu and Dera Bugti

             NA 254                      Pir Bakhsh Jammot:        Jhlam Magsi, Kachhi, Nasirabad

             NA 255                      Arif Rind:                           Sohbatpur, Jaffarabad, Usta Muhammad

             NA 257                      Mir Ali Ahmed Zehri:         Hab, Lasbela and Awaran

             NA 259                       Sardar Akbar Tareen:         Kech Kam Gwadar

             NA 260                       Ghulam Qadir Sanjrani:     Chaghi, Noshki, Kharan

From Quetta,    National Assembly Seats    

             NA 262,                       Safeerullah Kakar              

             NA263                        Salar Khan Kakar              

            NA 264                         Zainuddin Khalji       

From Pishin,    National Assembly Seats  

            NA 265                     Former Governor Syed Ziaul Haq

From Qila Abdullah Chaman

          NA 266                        Malik Muhammad Ismat Kakar


The names of any candidates are not included in the list from two constituencies of the National Assembly, NA 256 Khuzdar and NA 261 Sorab.

PTI has given the names of candidates for 30 out of 51 constituencies for the Provincial Assembly elections.

From Kech, the names of any candidates have not come up for the four seats of the Balochistan Assembly and the three seats of Khuzdar.

No candidate’s name has been finalized from Kalat, Sorab, Noshki, Kharan, Gwadar, Awaran, Lasbela, Hab, Dera Bugti, Kohlu, PB 38 Quetta One and PB 46 Quetta Nine.


For the National Assembly, PTI has given tickets to:

  • Sardar Babar Musa Khel for NA 252 and NA 258
  • Nawabzada Amin Jogizee for NA 251
  • Saddam Tariq for NA 253
  • Pir Bakhsh Jammot for NA 254
  • Arif Rind for NA 255
  • Mir Ali Ahmed Zehri for NA 257
  • Sardar Akbar Tareen for NA 259
  • Ghulam Qadir Sangrani for NA 260

For the Provincial Assembly, PTI has given tickets to:

  • Safeerullah Kakar for PB 262
  • Salar Khan Kakar for PB 263
  • Zainuddin Khalji for PB 264
  • Syed Ziaul Haq for PB 265
  • Malik Muhammad Ismat Kakar for PB 266

However, the names of candidates for four constituencies of the Balochistan Assembly, NA 256 Khuzdar, NA 261 Sorab, PB 38 Quetta One, and PB 46 Quetta Nine, have not yet been finalized.

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