Quetta’s Education Revolution: Joint Conference Announces Skill Development Programs and Opportunities for Youth

Quetta's Education revolution


The joint news conference regarding “Quetta’s Educational Revolution”,  of the Provincial Minister of Education and the Minister of Finance in Quetta:

Quetta, Balochistan, has 47% to 60% of youth and children deprived of education, according to the Minister of Education. Quetta’s 50% of children do not receive education after primary school because there are no schools, stated Qadir Bakhsh Baloch.

The majority of children, after primary school in Quetta, are inclined towards prosperity through education, Qadir Bakhsh Baloch emphasized.

In Quetta, for Quetta’s Education Revolution, a decision has been made to make children skilled and talented, said Qadir Bakhsh Baloch.

It is noted in Quetta that there is a high demand for skilled individuals outside the country, mentioned Qadir Bakhsh Baloch.

In the first phase in Quetta, under the Prime Minister’s Skill Program, youth will be made skilled, according to the Finance Minister.

Under the Skill Development Program in Quetta, 20,000 youth are being made skilled, stated Amjad Rashid.

In Quetta, skilled youth can contribute to foreign exchange through exchange programs, added Amjad Rashid.

In Quetta, 147,000 jobs will be provided to skilled individuals, said Amjad Rashid.

In Quetta, loans will also be provided to skilled individuals, mentioned Amjad Rashid.

In the second phase in Quetta, those who have completed primary education will be made skilled, according to Amjad Rashid.

Children in Quetta will undergo short courses in various fields, as stated by Amjad Rashid.

Under the Nutec Model Tech in Quetta, children will undergo short courses, said the Education Minister.

Children in Quetta will undergo 6 and 12-month short courses, added the Education Minister.

In Quetta, an education card will be introduced for out-of-school children, stated the Education Minister. Education cards will be issued for children pursuing technical courses after primary school, added the Education Minister.


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