Roche Pakistan Partners with Balochistan Government to Provide Free Medications

Roche Pakistan

MOU Signed Between Roche Pakistan and Balochistan Government Collaborate to Provide Free Medicines

  • Free Medications for Cancer and Diseases
  • Cost Sharing: Roche Pakistan’s 56%, Balochistan Government’s 44%
  • Healthcare Access and Standards Improvement

Quetta: In a significant development, Roche Pakistan and the Balochistan government have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to procure expensive medications for cancer and other diseases. Under this agreement, these medicines will be provided free of charge to patients, aiming to alleviate the financial burden on healthcare recipients.

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Roche Pakistan will contribute 56% of the cost of these expensive medications, with the remaining 44% covered by the Balochistan government. This cost-sharing initiative underscores a collaborative effort to enhance healthcare accessibility and affordability in the province.

The MOU signifies a positive step towards advancing healthcare standards, directly benefiting patients who require specialized treatments. By providing these medicines without any financial obligation, the partnership between Roche Pakistan and the Balochistan government aims to significantly impact healthcare delivery in the region.

This initiative reflects the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and the Balochistan government’s dedication to improving public health services. It is expected to positively impact the lives of many patients in need of critical medications across the province.

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