Rukhshan Division Balochistan Election 2024

Rukhshan Division Balochistan

Rukhshan Division Balochistan

The said division is also expected to have a tough contest in the National and Provincial Assembly constituencies. This area adjacent to the Iran-Afghanistan border consists of 4 districts. How many registered voters are there? Who is against whom in the election?

Elections will be held in NA 260 National Assembly Constituency in Rukhshan Division Balochistan and PB 31 Washik, PB 32 Chagai, PB 33 Kharan and PB 34 Nushki Constituencies of Provincial Assembly.

A bitter contest is expected between PPP candidate General Qadir Baloch and PMLN chief Fateh Hosni for the single seat in the National Assembly. In the past, General Qadir Muslim League and Sardar Fateh Mohammad Hosni have been representing the area in the House on the tickets of the People’s Party.

Senate Chairman Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani is the main candidate from Provincial Assembly seat PB 32 Chagai. BNP’s Sana Baloch, National Party’s Ishaq Baloch, and independent candidate Mir Abdul Karim Noshirwani will likely face tough competition from PB-33 Kharan.

The number of registered voters in Rukhshan is 3 lakh 65 thousand 589. Male voters are 2 lakh 2 thousand 289 while female voters are 1 lakh 63 thousand 300. 363 polling stations and 928 polling booths will be constructed for voting.

Hashim Notizai of BNP was elected from this constituency of NA 260 in the 2018 election, while 2 seats of BNP, one each of JUI and BAP candidates were won in the provincial assembly.

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