Selection of Next Chief Minister Balochistan,Who Will Lead Balochistan?

Who Will Be the Next Chief Minister Balochistan?

Balochistan’s political scene has become a hive of activity as the two major parties, PML-N and the People’s Party, engage in intense consultations to form the next provincial government.

Power Struggle Begins:

With the crucial question of who will lead the House and hold the coveted Chief Minister post hanging in the balance, all eyes are glued to the political maneuvers taking place in Quetta.

Numbers Game:

  • Securing 11 seats after the final results from PB9 Kohlu, PML-N has emerged as the front runner, but with a majority requiring 33 seats in the 65-member assembly, they need strong allies.
  • Both PPP and JUI-F, with 10 seats each, present formidable options, suggesting a coalition government is likely.
  • Notably, BAP, the dominant force in the 2018 elections, has seen a significant decline, securing only 5 seats and becoming the fourth-largest party.

    Next CM Balochistan
    PPP ‘s Candidate for CM Balochistan

Contenders Emerge:

The race for Chief Minister is heating up, with several prominent names vying for the position. Nawab Jangiz Marri and Jam Kamal from PML-N are strong contenders, while Nawab Sanaullah Zehri and Mir Sarfraz Bugti represent the People’s Party’s hopes.

Smaller parties like the National Party (3 seats), ANP (2 seats), and individual representatives from other parties will also play a crucial role in influencing the power dynamics.

Wait and Watch:

With the inaugural Assembly session, where the new leader will be chosen, yet to be scheduled, political maneuvering and backroom negotiations are in full swing. The coming weeks will be decisive in determining the direction of Balochistan’s governance for the next five years.

As various stakeholders strategize and alliances are formed, the people of Balochistan wait with anticipation to see who will be entrusted with leading their province into the future.


1. Who is leading the race for Chief Minister?

While PML-N holds the most seats, it needs allies. Nawab Jangiz Marri and Jam Kamal (PML-N) and Nawab Sanaullah Zehri and Mir Sarfraz Bugti (PPP) are frontrunners. Smaller parties also hold key influence.

2. Will there be a coalition government?

Likely yes. No single party has a majority, necessitating alliances. PML-N and PPP are key players, with BAP’s decline opening doors for other parties.

3. When will the new Chief Minister be announced?

No official date yet, but the inaugural Assembly session will elect the leader, likely within the next few weeks.

4. What are the main challenges for the new government?

Development, security, infrastructure, and public services are key concerns. Addressing grievances and fostering inclusivity will be crucial.

5. How will this impact Balochistan’s future?

The new government’s policies and effectiveness will significantly shape the province’s stability, development, and well-being in the coming years.

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