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Stray Dogs


Aggressive Stray Dogs 

 The burgeoning number of stray dogs in Quetta. Along with other civil issues in Quetta is a matter of serious concern and poses a threat to public safety. From one corner of the city to another packs of dogs seem roaming freely in residential areas, markets, and even near schools. Instilling panic and posing danger to the most vulnerable members of society.

Stray Dogs
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Children, ladies, and senior citizens, who are less agile and prone to accidents, become easy targets for aggressive stray dogs. Incidents of dog attacks have escalated, resulting in injuries, trauma, and in some tragic cases, even fatalities.

The existence of a large number of stray dogs in the capital and cosmopolitan city of Balochistan is indeed a matter of public concern and poses a serious threat to the safety and well-being of its residents, especially children, ladies, and senior citizens.

Swift and compassionate action is required to address this pressing issue. By embracing sterilization and vaccination programs, establishing animal shelters, conducting community awareness campaigns, and promoting collaboration between various stakeholders, we can pave the way toward a safer and more compassionate Quetta.

Stray Dogs
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Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)

  Equally concerning is the lack of freely available dog bite vaccines. When a person is bitten by a potentially rabid animal, immediate post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is critical to prevent the onset of the disease. Unfortunately, the unavailability of dog bite vaccines in public healthcare facilities is exacerbating the situation and putting lives at risk.

Metropolitan Corporation Quetta and concerned authorities must take immediate steps to ensure that dog bite vaccines are made available free of charge in all government hospitals and clinics. This will not only save lives but also alleviate the financial burden on individuals seeking treatment after a dog bite incident.

Government Actions to Tackle the Issue

To tackle these challenges effectively, it is vital to foster public-private partnerships. The government should collaborate with pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders to ensure a steady supply of dog bite vaccines at affordable rates. Additionally, corporate social responsibility initiatives by private organizations can aid in supporting vaccination drives for stray dogs.

Stray Dogs
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Unfortunately, these stray dogs have been intricate in incidents where motorbikers and pedestrians have faced serious injuries due to dog attacks. We must address this issue promptly and responsibly to ensure the protection of our citizens while also considering the well-being of these animals.

               The safety and protection of citizens are achievable goals; by adopting a compassionate and responsible approach, we can address this issue effectively, ensuring a safer environment for everyone. Let us work together as a community to find sustainable solutions that prioritize the safety and well-being of citizens.

SAtray dogs
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Let us come together as a community, acknowledging our collective responsibility to protect both the people and the animals that share our city. Only through a united effort can we hope to wash out the menace of stray dogs from our beloved Quetta and make it a safer and happier place for everyone.

The problem needs urgent attention, as the presence of these stray animals poses risks to the residents. It is high time for the authorities and the community to come together and find a compassionate and effective solution to wash out this problem once and for all.


Q1.What should I do if I encounter a stray dog?

When you encounter a stray dog, it’s essential to stay calm and avoid making sudden movements. Do not approach the dog directly. Instead, maintain a safe distance and observe its behavior. If you feel threatened or the dog appears aggressive, it’s best to contact your local animal control or a rescue organization for assistance.

Q2. How can I help a stray dog in my neighborhood?

To help a stray dog in your neighborhood, you can start by providing food and clean water at a safe location. Contact local animal shelters or rescue organizations to report the stray dog and ask for their assistance. If the dog is friendly and approachable, you can try to gain its trust and eventually seek veterinary care and adoption services.

Q3. Are all stray dogs aggressive?

No, not all stray dogs are aggressive. Stray dogs may exhibit a range of behaviors, including fear, shyness, or friendliness. Their behavior often depends on their past experiences and their current situation. It’s important to approach each stray dog cautiously and avoid assuming that they are all aggressive.

Q4. What are the risks associated with stray dogs in the community?

Stray dogs in the community can pose various risks, including the spread of diseases, potential aggression, and nuisance behavior such as digging, barking, or scavenging. Additionally, they can contribute to overpopulation if not spayed or neutered.

Q5. How can I prevent stray dog overpopulation in my area?

To prevent stray dog overpopulation, it’s essential to promote responsible pet ownership, including spaying and neutering pets. Support local spay/neuter programs and animal shelters. Encourage community education about the importance of pet sterilization and adoption from shelters rather than buying from breeders or pet stores.

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