Today Gold Rate in Quetta

Today Gold Rate in Pakistan

TODAY GOLD RATE IN Quetta Balochistan

22nd June 2024, the gold Rate in Quetta and major cities of  Pakistan for 24 Gold stands at Rs. 240,700 per tola for 24k gold, and Rs. 206,361 for 10 grams, as per the latest updates from all Pakistan Gems and Jewellers Sarafa Association (APGJSA) and the Karachi, Quetta Multan, and Lahore bullion markets.

24K Per Tola and 10 Gram Today Gold Rate in Quetta

  • 24 k Gold Rate Per Tola: Rs. 240,700  
  • 22 k Gold Rate per Tola: Rs. 206,361

For the last many days, the Gold Rate has been continuously increasing. There are many factors involved init. You can check the details here.

The international gold price is  $2306 per ounce. It is considerable that prices in Pakistan can have huge ups and downs due to the global market.

Yesterday Vs Today Gold Rate in Pakistan

1 OuncePKR 641,856PKR 641,856
1 TolaPKR 240,700PKR 240,700
10 GramPKR 206,361PKR 206,361
1 GramPKR 20,636PKR 20,636


24K, 22K, 21K & 18K Today Gold Rate in Quetta

                                                                            Today Gold Rate

If you are interested in gold and gold commodities it is recommended to have an eye on all factors that have direct and indirect impacts on the prices of gold, such as the Bullion Market, Social Conditions, and Political Conditions. You can also check today’s Silver Rate Here

Today Gold Rate in Pakistan in Different Cities

Today gold rate is in major cities of Pakistan such as Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Lahore, Multan, and Quetta.

City24K Rate per Tola22K Rate per Tola
QuettaPKR 240,700PKR 220,064
KarachiPKR 240,700PKR 220,064
IslamabadPKR 240,700PKR 220,064
RawalpindiPKR 240,700PKR 220,064
HyderabadPKR 240,700PKR 220,064
LahorePKR 240,700PKR 220,064
FaisalabadPKR 240,700PKR 220,064
MultanPKR 240,700PKR 220,064
                                                                               Today Gold rate in Different Cities

DISCLAIMER: Today Gold Rate in Pakistan, is provided here for instant insight based on our informational sources and based upon many Market Conditions, which keep on changing due to fluctuations in local and International markets. Therefore we don’t claim that it is accurate, however, we try to give accurate and current prices for every moment.


Q1. Is the price of 24K gold the same throughout Pakistan?

No, gold prices can vary slightly depending on the location and the specific jeweler you visit. It’s always a good idea to compare prices from a few different shops before making a purchase.

Q.2 What are some factors that can affect the price of gold in Pakistan?

In addition to the international gold price and the US dollar exchange rate mentioned earlier, other factors can influence gold prices in Pakistan. These include:

  • Import duties and taxes: Government-imposed duties and taxes on gold imports can affect the final price for consumers.
  • Political and economic stability: Political and economic uncertainty in Pakistan can lead to increased demand for gold as a haven investment, driving up prices.
  • Festivals and wedding seasons: During festivals and wedding seasons in Pakistan, there is a surge in demand for gold jewelry, which can put upward pressure on prices.
  • Do any online resources offer live tracking of gold prices in Pakistan?

Yes, several websites and apps provide live updates on gold prices in Pakistan. you can check Today’s Gold Rate 

Q3. Is it better to buy gold jewelry or gold bars/coins?

This depends on your purpose. If you plan to wear the gold, jewelry might be a better option. However, gold bars or coins are generally considered a purer form of gold investment and may come with lower premiums compared to jewelry.

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