Two Blasts in Balochistan, killed 26 and Injured 27

Two Blasts in Balochistan

First Blast

The first blast took place at the election office of independent candidate Asfandyar Kakar in the town of Karizat, in the Pishin district.

Two Blasts in Balochistan
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Second Blast

The second blast took place at the central office of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) party in the town of Qala Saifullah.

In Pishin, 14 people were confirmed dead. Twelve bodies were taken to the Khanzai Tehsil Hospital, while two critically injured people died while being transferred to Quetta.

16 injured people were referred to Quetta, while seven minor injured were being treated at the Tehsil Hospital.

The identification of those killed in the Pishin blast and legal proceedings are underway.

The second blast, which took place less than an hour later, targeted the JUI office in the main market of Qala Saifullah. 12 people were killed and 8 injured in the blast.

Security has been put on high alert across the province following the blasts.

Caretaker Interior Minister of Balochistan Mir Zubair Jamali took notice of the incidents and sought a report from the authorities.

Caretaker Chief Minister Mir Ali Muhammad Khan Domki and Governor of Balochistan Malik Abdul Wali Kakar also expressed grief over the incidents and condolences to the bereaved families.


The two blasts in Balochistan are a reminder of the ongoing violence in the province. The first blast, which targeted an election office, is likely to have been politically motivated. The second blast, which targeted a religious party office, may have been sectarian in nature.

The blasts come at a time when Pakistan is preparing for general elections, which are scheduled to be held tomorrow on 8th February 2024. The violence in Balochistan could raise security concerns for the upcoming elections.

The government of Pakistan has condemned the blasts and vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice. However, the caretaker government has been criticized for its failure to prevent violence in Balochistan.

The violence in Balochistan is a complex issue with no easy solutions. The government of Pakistan will need to take a comprehensive approach to address the issue, including addressing the root causes of the violence, such as poverty, unemployment, and lack of development.

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