World Press Freedom Day Celebrated Across Balochistan

World Press Freedom Day

World Press Freedom Day

The day is observed globally on May 3 each year, and serves as a vital platform for highlighting the significance of journalism and freedom of expression.

This year the day is celebrated with the theme, “A Press for the Planet: Journalism in the Face of the Environmental Crisis,” the focus is on underscoring the pivotal role of journalism and freedom of expression amidst the pressing challenges posed by the ongoing environmental crisis on a global scale.

World Press Freedom Day was celebrated wonderfully throughout Pakistan as well as in Balochistan, including the capital city of Quetta. Demonstrations were also held across the province by journalists’ organizations and the determination to promote the truth was repeated.

There should be no restriction on freedom of the press. Demonstrations were held at press clubs across Balochistan including Quetta on Press Freedom Day.

On call of the Balochistan Union of Journalists media persons from different newspapers and TV channels gathered at Quetta Press Club and Press Cubs of other districts of the province. Freedom of opinion is a fundamental right, and journalists carrying banners and placards actively participated in the protests. You may also like to read about Balochistan Political demonstrations and Freedom of Expression.

Journalists said that freedom of the press and opinion are considered to guarantee social development. Journalists of Balochistan are always following the mission of bringing the truth to the people. We are determined to not accept any obstacle in the way of freedom of the press.


Office bearers of BUJ, QPC along with senior Journalists and field reporters were enchanting to ensure the protection of Journalists, Freedom of  Expression, and freedom of speech. Journalists on Protest also condemned the brutal murder of Khuzdar Press Club President on Press Freedom Day.

All the participants Despite the sacrifices of more than 40 journalists, we are committed to continuing the mission of responsible journalism despite any pressure.

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