President Zardari and PM Shehbaz Renew Commitment to Labourers’ Welfare on International Labour Day

Labour Day

International Labour Day

International Labour Day is celebrated every year on 1st May, at this occasion President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif have reaffirmed their dedication to the welfare of labourers, underscoring their commitment to preserving workers’ dignity and safeguarding their rights on International Labour Day.

In their messages, both leaders emphasized the government’s unwavering resolve to uphold the dignity of labourers, paying homage to their historic struggles. President Zardari urged Pakistani employers to embrace equitable wage practices, prioritize worker safety and health, and ensure the provision of essential training and protective gear for labourers operating in hazardous conditions.

Historic struggle related to International  labour Day

Labour Day commemorates the historic struggle of the global working class and honors the martyrs of Chicago, who valiantly fought for labour rights on May 1,1886. Their sacrifices led to the establishment of fixed working hours and improved working conditions for workers worldwide.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Shehbaz acknowledged the immense sacrifices made by workers in their relentless pursuit of rights. He announced the forthcoming inaugural National Tripartite Labour Conference, with a key focus on safety and health measures. The government aims to enhance the working and living conditions of workers by advancing their welfare through improved housing, education, healthcare, and social security benefits.

Senate Chairman Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani echoed these sentiments, recognizing the pivotal role of labourers and workers in national development. He emphasized that May 1 symbolizes the global commitment to safeguarding labour rights, a commitment echoed in Pakistan’s celebrations.

International Labour Day in Quetta Balochistan

Press Freedom Day Quetta
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On the occasion of International Labour Day, rallies and meetings were organized in Quetta under the auspices of the Railway Workers Union, Piles Labor Bureau Joint Action Committee, Balochistan Labour Federation, APKA Balochistan, and other organizations.

Assembly Members and Provincial Ministers, Ghazala Gola Sadiq Imrani, Liaquat Lahri, Hidayur Rahman Shahjahan Gujar, Dad Muhammad Baloch, Abdul Karim Tareen Ram, Zaan Achakzai, Dr. Kaleemullah, Saroor Mengal, Shah Ali Bugti and other speakers spoke on this occasion. Read more about new leadership in the Balochistan Assembly.

All the speakers on this occasion of Labour Day conveyed their message that the economy can be developed by removing the concerns of workers in Pakistan, workers are the basis of development in any society, and everyone has to work together to improve the system, the sacrifices of Chicago workers will be remembered for centuries.

In Balochistan, it is the need of the hour to align the workers associated with mining, education, health, agriculture, livestock, and other sectors with modern requirements.

Press Freedom Day Quetta
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To unite all the workers, the trade union organizations have formed a grand alliance and reiterated their cross-commitment to provide technical skills and infrastructure facilities to the workers. No sacrifice will be spared so that the resources allocated for the welfare of the workers can be spent on their improvement.



Q.1 Why is Labour Day celebrated?

Labour Day is celebrated to honor the contributions and achievements of workers and the labor movement. It recognizes their efforts in advocating for fair wages, better working conditions, and labor rights.

Q.2. What is the historical significance of the Day?

Labour Day commemorates the historic struggle of the working class and the achievements of labor movements worldwide. It particularly pays homage to the martyrs of Chicago who fought for the establishment of fixed working hours and improved conditions for workers on May 1, 1886.

Q.3 How do different countries observe Labour Day?

Different countries observe Labour Day in various ways, including parades, rallies, speeches, and other events that celebrate workers’ contributions and advocate for labor rights. Some countries also use the day to highlight current labor issues and promote worker solidarity.

Q.4 What are some common themes or issues highlighted during celebrations?

Common themes during Labour Day celebrations include fair wages, workplace safety, labor rights, social justice, and the importance of unions and collective bargaining in protecting workers’ interests.

Q.5 How has the observance of Labour Day evolved over time?

The observances have evolved from being primarily focused on workers’ rights and labor movements to include broader social and political issues. While still honoring the achievements of the labor movement, modern Labour Day celebrations often address contemporary challenges facing workers, such as globalization, automation, and income inequality.

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