Annual Hinglaj Yatra Pilgrimage Draws Devotees to Lasbela, Balochistan

Hinglaj Yatra

Annual Hinglaj Yatra in Lasbela

The historic Hinglaj Yatra festival, a major pilgrimage for the Hindu community in Pakistan, is underway in Lasbela, Balochistan. Thousands of devotees from across Pakistan and around the world participate in this three-day religious festival every year. Read about the Lasbela Election Here

A Celebration of Faith and Tradition

The vibrant festivities began with religious worship at the Hinglaj Mata Temple. Women adorned themselves in traditional red and white Rajasthani attire, while men donned yellow scarves and carried red flags. Chanting bhajans (devotional songs), they embarked on their pilgrimage to Hinglaj, some traveling by foot from Hub and Karachi.

A Journey Through Sacred Sites

Hinglaj Yatra
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Many Hindu pilgrims begin their Yatra in the desert regions of Sindh, traveling to cities like Thar, Chhachro, Mithi, Islamkot, Umarkot, Sanghar, and Mirpur. The pilgrimage route then leads to the Chandragupta Hills, a volcanic mountain with constantly bubbling mud pools. Devotees consider this a sacred site.

The Culmination of the Pilgrimage

Hinglaj Yatra
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After traversing the Chandragupta Hills, pilgrims proceed to the Hingol River for a purifying bath. Finally, they reach the revered Hinglaj Mata Temple, the focal point of the Yatra. Those traveling long distances often stay for three days, immersing themselves in the spiritual atmosphere.

A Shared Legacy

Located approximately 328 kilometers (204 miles) from Karachi, the Hinglaj Temple complex lies within Hingol National Park. This sacred site holds immense significance not only for Hindus but also for followers of Sufism and the Zagri community. Sufi saint Shah Abdul Latif Bhatai is believed to have undertaken the Hinglaj pilgrimage, influencing nine stories within his renowned work, the Shah Jo Risalo.

The annual Hinglaj Yatra stands as a testament to faith, tradition, and the shared cultural heritage of Pakistan.

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