Nawabzada Gohram Bugti participation in Election 2024 for Dera Buggti

The purpose of participating in politics and the electoral process is to serve Dera Bugti and Balochistan,” said influential tribal leader Nawabzada Gohram Bugti, announcing his participation in the upcoming elections.

Addressing a large public gathering in the Dera Bugti constituency, he said that people had trusted him in the previous election and elected him as their representative to the assembly. He continued to work for the development and betterment of the area during the constitutional term.

I do politics for the service of the people. If the voters have trusted me on the ballot paper, I will continue to work for the representation and betterment of the area in the future,” he said. The meeting was attended by a large number of tribal elders and people from Dera Bugti.

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