Overhual of Agricultural Grain Procurement System in Balochistan

Agricultural Grain Procurement System

Overhaul of Agricultural Grain Procurement System

The second meeting of the Provincial Cabinet was chaired by Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Sarfraz Bugti. In a landmark decision marking a significant shift in agricultural policy by overhauling of Agricultural Grain Procurement System.

The Provincial Cabinet of Balochistan, chaired by Chief Minister Mir Sarfraz Bugti, has approved the cessation of government-level procurement of agricultural grain starting from the upcoming financial year.

This decision, made during the second meeting of the Cabinet, underscores a strategic move towards reforming the bulk procurement system within the agricultural sector.

Aims of Cabinet Meeting

Agricultural Grain Procurement System
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The Cabinet’s decisions aim to achieve several crucial objectives, including equalizing the price of wheat with that of Sindh, curbing smuggling activities, and ensuring transparency in wheat procurement processes.

Key Resolution Regarding for Agricultural Grain Procurement System

One of the key resolutions endorsed during the meeting is the establishment of a parliamentary committee tasked with monitoring wheat purchases. Additionally, the Cabinet has greenlit the procurement of 500,000 metric tons of wheat at official rates for the current fiscal year.

Traditional to Modern Methods

In a departure from tradition, the procurement of grain will now involve the adoption of custom modern eco-friendly bags, marking a progressive step towards sustainable agricultural practices. Furthermore, farmers will receive monetary compensation instead of supplying grain, heralding a new era in agricultural transaction methods.

Commitment Towards Transparency

The Cabinet’s commitment to transparency is evident in its decision to distribute the existing 58,000 bardana (grain sacks) under the Food Department’s purview in a transparent manner. This move aims to enhance accountability and eliminate any avenues for corruption within the procurement process.

Steps to Overcome Corruption in the Food Department

Chief Minister Bugti’s resolve to tackle corruption within the food department is underscored by the establishment of a monitoring committee comprising assembly members. This committee will play a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity of wheat procurement activities and preventing malpractice.

To streamline operations, the Chief Minister has directed the Secretary of Food to ensure the availability of grain in all designated centers. Notably, measures have been put in place to prevent bardana from being diverted outside these centers, thereby safeguarding against potential irregularities.

Big step for Police Personnel

With a firm commitment to honoring the sacrifices of Balochistan Police personnel, the Cabinet has approved a grant of five hundred million rupees for the martyrs, acknowledging their invaluable contribution to the province’s security.


In conclusion, the decisions taken by the Provincial Cabinet of Balochistan signal a transformative shift in agricultural policy, with a renewed emphasis on transparency, efficiency, and equitable practices. By prioritizing the welfare of farmers and ensuring accountability at every stage of the procurement process, the government demonstrates its unwavering commitment to fostering sustainable agricultural development in the region.

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