Pakistan Literature Festival Arrives in Quetta

Pakistan Literature Festival

Hosted at BUITEMS University, the festival embodies the belief that “Youth is the only way forward,” igniting the flames of inspiration and innovation among the young minds of Balochistan.


The 16th edition of the Pakistan Literature Festival is set to unfold its vibrant chapters in the picturesque city of Quetta on May 15th and 16th. Amidst the majestic landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Balochistan, this literary extravaganza promises to be a celebration of creativity, diversity, and the indomitable spirit of the region.

Following its journey through the bustling streets of Lahore, the serene landscapes of Muzaffarabad, and the historic city of Sukkur, the convoy of the Pakistan Literature Festival now arrives in Quetta, heralding a new chapter in its illustrious saga. You may also like to Read about Kharan Youth Festival

The opening session of The Pakistan Literature Festival sets the stage for engaging dialogues on the theme of “Prosperous Balochistan and Stable Pakistan,” featuring a constellation of eminent social and political personalities alongside seasoned journalists. This forum serves as a crucible for exploring avenues of development and stability in the region, envisioning a brighter future for its inhabitants.

The festival’s itinerary is adorned with discussions and debates on the modern literature of Brahvi, Balochi, and Pashto, the primary languages spoken in Balochistan. These sessions serve as windows into the rich literary tapestry of the region, weaving narratives that resonate with the cultural ethos and heritage of Balochistan.

The first day of the Pakistan Literature Festival is graced by distinguished luminaries from various walks of life.

Anwar Maqsood who started his media journey with black and white TV, Mahira Khan who reached the silver screen from modeling and Shahzeb Rind who raised the flag of Pakistan and the name of Balochistan from Quetta to the world and their achievements and behind these achievements. Literary festivals will also be informed about the experiences.

Among the personalities associated with politics, are Ahsan Iqbal, Jam Kamal, the well-known Bureaucrat Fawad Hasan Fawad, the creator of the Afaq PTV serial Noor Ul Huda Shah, Jamal Shah associated with performing arts, and the spokesperson of the Balochistan government from journalism.

After going through many challenges, today Spokesperson Balochistan Government  Shahid Rind has achieved all these things and memories will also be shared in this literary festival.

At its heart, the Pakistan Literature Festival endeavors to showcase the rich literary traditions of Balochistan to the world. Organizers are committed to bridging cultural divides and shining a spotlight on the untold stories and hidden treasures of Balochistan’s literature.

As the festival unfolds its chapters in the valley of Quetta, nestled at the foothills of Chaltan and Maherdar, it delves into the depths of history and legend, unraveling the mysteries of this ancient land. Eminent writers, poets, and personalities converge to share their insights and experiences, offering glimpses into the tapestry of Balochistan’s society, economy, and culture.

The Quetta Chapter of the Pakistan Literature Festival is poised to be a resounding success, a testament to the resilience and creativity of the people of Balochistan. It is assumed that the Quetta chapter will surely be a successful literary event.

It is certain that with the history and folklore of Shal Kot, famous for Chiltan and Mehrgarh, Quetta’s Valley will be successful in gathering many well-known and lesser-known stories for this festival.

As the procession of the literary festival awaits the arrival of Quetta’s writers and citizens, it beckons them to join in this celebration of literature, knowledge, and shared heritage. In this melting pot of ideas and narratives, the voices of Balochistan resonate with strength and vitality, enriching the cultural landscape of Pakistan and beyond.

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