Wheat Procurement Negligence Accountability Fixed

Wheat Procurement

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif led a high-level meeting to address concerns regarding the demand, supply, and purchase of wheat, emphasizing the need for transparency and efficiency in the wheat procurement process.

The meeting, attended by federal ministers Muhammad Aurangzeb, Rana Tanveer, Ahad Cheema, Jam Kamal, and Shaza Fatima, underscored the government’s commitment to ensuring food security and supporting farmers’ economic prosperity.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif directed the suspension of the Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Services Corporation Ltd (Pasco) Managing Director and general manager (procurement) due to negligence in following instructions to utilize technology in wheat procurement.

Wheat ScandalEmphasizing the importance of transparency, the prime minister said the government will take all possible measures for the development and prosperity of farmers and to ensure food security. He also questioned the non-development of a mobile application to streamline the wheat procurement process and ordered that it be done. He also directed to conduct a third-party audit of Pasco stocks. You may like to read Anwar ul Huq Kakar’s latest stance on Wheat Scandal.

Prime Minister Sharif stressed that technology should be used for a clean and transparent wheat purchase process, including the development of a mobile phone app. He stressed that commodity insurance should be ensured for the economic protection of farmers and also told Pasco to purchase an additional 400,000 metric tons of wheat transparently and efficiently.

The PM reiterated the government’s zero-tolerance policy towards farmer exploitation, pledging to take decisive action against any misconduct.

Furthermore, the prime minister stressed the importance of recognizing and rewarding centers and officers demonstrating exemplary performance in wheat procurement. He affirmed the government’s commitment to implementing measures for the development and prosperity of farmers, emphasizing the critical role of agriculture in Pakistan’s economy.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s proactive approach to addressing wheat procurement challenges reflects the government’s dedication to ensuring food security and supporting the livelihoods of farmers. The directives issued during the meeting signal a concerted effort to enhance transparency, efficiency, and accountability in wheat procurement processes, underscoring the government’s commitment to agricultural development and economic prosperity.

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