Instruction issued by Election commission for Nomination Papers

Instructions have been issued for the 2024 elections. The nomination papers form fee is Rs. 100. A candidate can submit a maximum of 5 papers. The fee for a candidate for a national assembly seat is Rs. 30,000, while for a provincial assembly seat, it is Rs. 20,000.

The fee is non-refundable. Nomination papers can be submitted to the returning officers from December 20 to 22. Along with the papers, certified copies of the identity cards of the proposer and seconder and the voter certificate issued by the District Election Commission will have to be submitted.

The candidate will also have to attach copies of his three-year income tax return and passport. Along with the nomination papers, an affidavit also has to be submitted, which has been certified by the oath commissioner on stamp paper. The details of the assets of the husband or wife and dependent children will be mentioned in Form B.

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